The How

How can you use the funds?

Purchase real estate/buildings

Construction, expansion, or renovations, to essential community facilities

Purchase vehicles and major equipment

Purchase an existing facility to improve or to prevent a loss of service

Construct buildings, roads, bridges, fences, etc.

Paying reasonable and necessary fees for

  • Legal
  • Architectural and/or Engineering
  • Fiscal advisors
  • Environmental
  • Archaeological
  • Mitigation measures
  • Planning
  • Establishing or acquiring rights
  • Interest on interim financing

Initial operating expenses for a period ordinarily not exceeding one year when the borrower is unable to pay such expenses.

Refinancing debts incurred by, or on behalf of, an applicant when all of the following conditions exist:

  • Debts being refinanced are a secondary part of the total loan, (less than 50 percent);
  • Debts were incurred for the facility;
  • Arrangements cannot be made with creditors to extend or modify terms